Affordable Tax Exemption Management


Easy Setup

Utilize the EXEMPTAX Shopify App to get up and running in minutes.

99.99% uptime

Count on us for tax exemptions with minimal impact.

Reduces Your Exposure

Enable your customers fill out the right certificate on a recurring basis.

Shopify and EXEMPTAX

Features and Benefits


Connect your Shopify Store

Start by signing up for an EXEMPTAX Account. Then Install our Shopify App and enter your credentials.


Collect Exemption Certificates

Once connected, your tax-exempt customers can electronically complete and sign tax exemption certificate using an easy to follow guided process.


Validate Documents

After the certificates are submitted, simply validate certificates using EXEMPTAX’s algorithm inside your EXEMPTAX account.


Access Certificates inside Shopify

Your customers will be able to access their certificates inside Their account, and will be able to address invalid and expiring certificates on a recurring basis.


Tax Exempt Checkout

With a valid tax exemption certificate, your customers can simply complete the checkout process without being charged tax and complete their sale.