Enable sales tax exemption handling for your Shopify Store


Easy Setup

Utilize the EXEMPTAX Shopify App to get up and running in minutes.

One Seamless Experience

Enable your customers to fill out the right certificate each and every time.

Increase Conversion

Maximize conversion across all wholesale customers.

What our customers have to say

We have fully automated the collection of exemption certificates for our new account setup process, integrating it with our sales team and (almost) eliminating back office compliance efforts. The Exemptax team was very helpful as we went through the extreme effort of getting thousands of customers to provide their certificates.I do not believe any other company could have done better.”

- John Hannum, CFO at Layrite Pomade

Shopify and EXEMPTAX

Features and Benefits


Connect your Shopify Store

Simply sign up for an EXEMPTAX Account, install our Shopify App and enter your credentials.

Integration is done within minutes and you don’t need to undertake complex development efforts as EXEMPTAX integrates seamlessly into your Shopify store.


Collect Exemption Certificates

Once your Shopify store is connected, your tax-exempt customers will be prompted to follow an automated process to electronically complete and sign sales tax exemption certificates on the spot.

You decide whether to collect your tax exempt certificates during checkout or after the checkout is completed.


Validate Documents

EXEMPTAX guarantees completed forms for most sales tax exemption certificate management reasons regardless at what stage you are planning to collect your tax-exempt certificates.

Your tax exempt certificates are instantly submitted to your EXEMPTAX account and are ready for the included EXEMPTAX algorithm to validate each sales tax certificate.


Faster Checkout Without Interruption

Now with valid sales tax exemption certificates on file, your customers will complete their checkout process with minimal interruption.

EXEMPTAX ensures that you provide the most convenient process for your tax-exempt customers, which in return increases conversion and sales.