Managed Services

End-to-End Exemption Management

Core business comes first – Period.

Let our team of trained analysts do the heavy lifting and take the burden of managing your tax exemption certificates off your plate.

Focus on operations and reduce costs.

We provide the scale you need!


Tailored Managed Services The Perfect Mix of Adaptable Scale and Cost Savings.

Collect Your Certificates

EXEMPTAX’s team of trained analysts manage all necessary steps to reduce your exemption management workload.

Based on your exposure we reach out to your customers on your behalf to obtain any invalid, missing, expired or expiring certificates.


Validate Your Certificates

Received certificates are reviewed for completion and undergo verification of tax registration numbers with their respective state.

Rejected certificates will be handled on your behalf until all necessary documents are validated.


Eliminate Your Pain Points

EXEMPTAX uses a flexible combination of processes and service level agreements (SLA’s) to reduce your workload and increase compliance.

Whether you need help with short term projects, or long-term scalable support, EXEMPTAX is here to help.


Learn more about our quick and flexible support options.