Effortless tax exemption certificate management compliance for Chargebee


Quick Setup

Easy deployment through the EXEMPTAX plug and play integration.

Tax Exemptions On the Go

Manage missing, expired or expiring resale and tax exemption certificates.

Save Time and Money

Reduce customer friction and manual reconciliation efforts.

Chargebee and EXEMPTAX

Features and Benefits


Connect to Chargebee

Within minutes, your Chargebee account will integrate directly into the EXEMPTAX exemption certificate management platform.

Simply sign up for an EXEMPTAX account and start managing your tax-exempt customers, no development required.


Tax Exemption Certificates at your Fingertips

Let EXEMPTAX manage your tax-exempt Chargebee customers and have valid certificates on file.

EXEMPTAX automatically maintains taxability changes and ensures accurate billing for your tax-exempt customers.


Compliant Tax Exemption Certificates

Easily identify missing, expired or expiring resale and tax exemption certificates in EXEMPTAX.

EXEMPTAX provides an intuitive and guided workflow to ensure that exemption certificates are filled out correctly.


Improve Customer Experience Save Time And Money

Tax compliance is more than a competitive advantage.

Maintaining valid tax exemption certificates reduces customer friction and manual reconciliation.