Don’t wait until after the audit notice arrives.

Reduce your liability proactively and be prepared!


4 Steps to Audit Readiness


Request Exactly the Certificates you Need

When it comes to sales tax compliance, being proactive and collecting the right resale or tax exemption certificate in a timely manner can go a long way in reducing your audit risk and avoiding back taxes and penalties.

EXEMPTAX assists in the management of exemption certificates by automatically requesting the correct resale or tax exemption certificate from your tax-exempt customers.

With EXEMPTAX you can eliminate the guesswork for you and your customers and streamline exemption certificate management from start to finish. Whether your customers are resellers, manufacturers, or claim other tax exemptions – we help get the right certificates to you.


Collect Only Completed Certificates

Like most sales tax topics, steps to achieving exemption certificate compliance aren’t always clear and vary from state to state. One of the most common challenges in exemption certificate management involves the collection of complete and accurate resale and tax-exemption certificates from your tax-exempt customers.

EXEMPTAX helps reduce friction in this area by guiding your customers to accurately complete their exemption document through a guided tax document flow. This flow helps reduce audit risk by eliminating common errors involving logical inconsistencies and missing fields on exemption documents, saving your team time and money.


Reduce your Liabilities

With tax exemption certificate management, knowing which certificates are invalid, missing, or expiring is paramount to understanding and reducing your audit risk. This risk is often magnified as state tax auditors utilize sampling techniques when examining relevant compliance documents. With sampling, just one missing or invalid resale or tax exemption certificate can result in thousands of dollars in back taxes and penalties. It is therefore crucial to identify and remediate missing and invalid certificates before they are discovered during an audit.

Most remediation efforts begin with the following questions:

  • Do we have all the right certificates on file?
  • Are all certificates accurate and complete?
  • Are all certificates current?

If you are unsure as to whether you can answer yes to all of these questions, EXEMPTAX’s exemption certificate management platform can help by providing real-time exposure reporting, so that no resale or tax exemption certificate falls through the cracks.


Make Your Auditor Happy

EXEMPTAX provides you with a secure and easy to use platform to access and manage your tax exemption certificates and to reduce your audit risk.

A proactive process for collecting, validating and managing exemption certificates today can save your company from significant fines and penalties in the future. Achieving compliance doesn’t have to be difficult and EXEMPTAX can provide you with the tools and processes to quickly and successfully respond to exemption certificate audits.

With EXEMPTAX you can make auditors happy by quickly providing them the exact documents they need in minutes.

The question is not “IF” an audit will come your way but “WHEN”.

EXEMPTAX will save you time and money – Period!


How Our Exemption Certificate Manager Platform Can Support Your Audit

How EXEMPTAX Supports Your Audit

Audits are stressful events for any organization regardless of size.

Don’t wait to spring into action until after the audit letter arrives. Being reactive can make the difference in passing or failing your audit. A first step towards proactive handling of tax exemption certificates is to start with the simple checklist below:

  • In what states do I have Nexus?
  • Which customers provided a certificate?
  • Are all certificates fully filled out and valid?
  • Are any of my certificates expiring soon?
  • How many certificates are missing?

At any given time, you should be able to provide answers to these high-level questions and have data readily available; only then are you in control of your business.

EXEMPTAX will help mitigate your risk and reduce your liabilities including tax penalties that can result from non-compliance.

Get Compliant And Stay Compliant

EXEMPTAX helps your business get and stay compliant with all of your resale and tax exemption certificate challenges.

According to a Wakefield Research Report - The Executive's Guide to Sales Tax Risk about 25% of all companies lack any kind of system to handle their exemption certificates – and 50% among those companies who do have a system deployed still rely on hard copies and filing cabinets.

Automation has been shown to remove the guesswork from certificate selection and collections. A solid certificate management system can even keep tabs on expiration dates and alert you when a customer’s certificate is missing or lacking vital information.

Deploying the right tax exemption certificate manager platform will save you and your team time and money.