Don’t wait until after the audit notice arrives.

Reduce your liability proactively and be prepared!


4 Steps to Audit Readiness


Request Exactly the Certificates you Need

EXEMPTAX makes your life easy by automatically requesting the correct tax exemption certificates from your customers.

Whether your customers are resellers, manufacturers, or claim other tax exemptions – we get the right certificates to you.


Collect Only Completed Certificates

EXEMPTAX guides your customers through an intuitive flow to ensure that even complex forms are filed out correctly.

With EXEMPTAX you will only receive completed tax exemption certificates from your customers – That is our Promise!


Reduce your Liabilities

Know which certificates are invalid, missing, or about to expire and reduce your audit risk.

EXEMPTAX provides you with real-time exposure reporting so that no tax exemption certificates will fall through the cracks.


Make Your Auditor Happy

EXEMPTAX provides you with a secure and easy to use platform to access and manage your tax exemption certificates.

Quickly respond to auditors and provide exactly what they need in minutes.

The question is not “IF” an audit will come your way but “WHEN”.

EXEMPTAX will save you time and money – Period!


How Our Exemption Certificate Manager Platform Can Support Your Audit

The Matter of Fact

Audits are stressful events for any organization regardless of size.

EXEMPTAX will help mitigate your risk and reduce your liabilities including tax penalties that can result from non-compliance.

Get Compliant And Stay Compliant

EXEMPTAX helps your business get and stay compliant with all of your tax exemption certificate challenges.

Deploying the right tax exemption certificate manager platform will save you and your team time and money.