Do you know your Economic Nexus footprint?

Businesses are now required to collect sales tax in states they didn’t have to before.

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Collect Certificates Electronically

Let your customers upload their digital certificates directly into your EXEMPTAX account.

No more paperwork, no more filing cabinets, no more mess for you and your customers.


Use Our Built-in Validation Rules

Unsure how to validate certificates in each state?

Simply use our built-in preset validation rules or create your own customized settings.

No more guessing or googling – start validating right away.

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Never Miss Certificates Again

Use our automated email feature to proactively inform your customers about expiring or missing certificates.

It’s easy to stay updated and avoid critical compliance gaps.

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Make Your Auditor Happy

Keep your auditors off-site by providing them controlled online access to the data they need; nothing more, nothing less.

Remember, auditors are not the enemy – audit risks are!

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