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Product Jumpstart


Consolidate your Data

Use one system across all your exemption certificates. You upload previously validated certificates – we provide the storage.

And when your certificates are up for renewal, EXEMPTAX knows the form to request from each customer.


Start having access to all the data at a press of a button.

Clear out your filling cabinets and make the switch today!

How does it Work

Upload and categorize previously validated certificates into one unified ECM platform.

As soon as your certificates are up for renewal, EXEMPTAX will request renewal certificates from your customers.

Avoid compliance gaps and ensure you are covered going forward.

Upload and Store your Certificates

After you have digitized your Jumpstart certificates, simply upload them into a dedicated Jumpstart queue.


Classify your Certificates

Once uploaded, you will be guided through a simple flow to assign customer, jurisdiction, and expiration criteria.

Retire your paper certificates and say goodbye to your filing cabinets.


Renew your Certificates

When the time comes to renew your Jumpstart certificates, EXEMPTAX will automatically include them into future campaigns to your customers.



Contact us to learn more about migrating to EXEMPTAX!