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Product e-Cert


No Tax Expertise Needed

Deliver certificates fast, secure and conveniently.

Enable your customers to complete valid certificates through step by step guidance in minutes.


Guide your customers to provide you with complete certificates.

Eliminate the guesswork once and for all!

How does it Work

e-Cert provides your customer with step by step guidance to provide complete certificates.

Your customers will receive an email to provide you with the correct form, correctly filled out and electronically signed.

Say Goodbye to errors and hello to efficiency, convenience and speed in three simple steps.

Create Your E-mail Campaign

Submit e-Cert requests via email within minutes to all of your customers.

Our campaign builder guides you through the steps – no training needed!


Guide your Customer to Fill out Certificates

Your customers will be guided through each step of the certificates by asking the right questions. That way even complex forms will be filled out and submitted back to you.

You will only receive completed certificates.

It’s really that easy!


Only Receive Completed Certificates Period!

As soon as your customer has completed and signed their certificate online, your e-Cert will be submitted instantly into your EXEMPTAX account.

Say goodbye to delays and incomplete forms and start concentrating on your core business again.


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