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Services PaperCert


Because Letters will be Read

Utilize the power of your postman.

If you are missing valid emails or if your customers simply respond to physical mail, simply submit Paper Certificates at the touch of a button.


We assign, print and deliver your Paper Certs.

You sit back and relax!

How does it Work

PaperCert provides the option to send certificates via USPS.

A lot of businesses still prefer to receive certificates via mail to enforce a physical paper trail.

Our PaperCert Add-on Service provides you the option to do exactly that in three easy steps.

Create Your Campaign

Submit PaperCert requests within minutes to desired customers.

Our campaign builder guides you through the steps – no training needed!


Your Customer will Receive Certificates via USPS

Your customer will receive all forms conveniently enveloped via USPS ready for completion.

Once completed, your customer simply scans their certificates and sends them directly to EXEMPTAX.


Validate Certificates In Minutes

Access digitized certificate directly in EXEMPTAX. After you enter the data from the certificate into the system, let the rules algorithm do its magic.

No need to guess if a certificate was filled out correctly – the default validation rules will do the work for you.


Contact us to get your PaperCerts on the road to your customers.