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Product PaperCert


Because Letters will be Read

Say goodbye to time consuming mail mergers.

If you are missing valid email addresses for your customers or if your customers simply respond to physical mail faster, have us submit PaperCert’s at the touch of a button.


We assign, print and deliver your PaperCert’s.

You sit back and relax!

How does it Work

We work with USPS to deliver secure access details of your digital forms.

A lot of businesses still prefer to receive physical mail over emails.

Our PaperCert Add-on Service provides you the option to do exactly that in three easy steps.
Let us take care of your physical mailing and have the postman deliver access to digital tax-exempt forms.

Create Your Campaign

Generate PaperCert campaigns quickly to all of your customers with tax exposure.

Let our campaign builder guide you through the steps in minutes and eliminate mail mergers for good!


We Send Mass Mailings to Your Customers

Your customer will receive secure access details and step by step instruction via USPS ready for completion.

Eliminate printing, handwritten forms, scanning and physical return mailing to you.

PaperCert is 100% digital for you and your customer.


Receive Completed Certificates Each Time – Every Time!

Your customers will be guided through a series of easy to understand questions of each tax-exempt form to ensure forms are always filled out entirely.

Eliminate the guesswork once and for all!


Contact us to get your PaperCerts on the road to your customers.