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5 Certificates per Month

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15 Nexus States

2 Users

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Unlimited Certificates

All US States

Flexible Users

USPS Campaigns

Legacy Certificate Migration

Managed Services

Custom Branding & Integration

Exemption Certificate Management

  • Unlimited certificate uploads with no storage or activation fees
  • Custom integration into ERP systems and ecommerce platforms
  • Always collect fully completed certificates electronically via e-Cert
  • Easy access to audit data at a touch of a button
  • Send USPS certificate requests via PaperCert
  • Store and access your certificates in a secure data vault
  • Never miss expiring or expired certificates again
  • Flexible and affordable plans without long term commitment


EXEMPTAX deploys industry standard SSL and encryption to secure your certificates in our vault.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are my risks when accepting exemption certificates?

If you are not able to present a valid exemption certificate, you may be liable for the sales tax you did not collect, as well as potential interest and penalties. If you decide to accept exemption certificates, you should ensure to apply the correct validation process and store your certificates for easy access for future audits.

How can EXEMPTAX help me provide completed exemption certificate documents?

Simply use our e-Cert Add-on Service to ensure that your customer will be guided through an easy to understand, step by step online workflow. This process ensures that only completed and signed certificates will be send back to you. Eliminate the hassle of having to deal with incomplete forms ever again and make the life of your customers that much easier. A win-win for everyone!

How is PaperCert different form e-Cert?

If you don’t store valid email addresses in your customer master records, your customers are not responding to emails, or you simply prefer to send physical mailers over email, then PaperCert is the right solution for you. PaperCert combines the best of both worlds – physical delivery of digital forms. Your customers will be provided with a secure access code and easy to follow instructions to start processing tax forms digitally.

Do you provide validation rules?

Yes. Every EXEMPTAX account comes with a pre-loaded set of default validation rules for most supported states and forms. However, since every business is different, validation rules should always be vested against your specific needs and requirements.

How can EXEMPTAX help me during audits?

Audits can be stressful events to any organization, especially when you are asked to produce specific exemption certificates received years ago. With EXEMPTAX’s Report Builder, you can easily compile a list of required audit documents, and quickly disseminate them to your Auditor.

Do you offer discounted annual plans?

Yes. Simply contact us with your requirements, and we’d be glad to provide you a discounted quote for an annual plan.

Can I migrate my old exemption certificates into EXEMPTAX?

Yes. You can easily migrate your old exemption certificates into EXEMPTAX via our Jumpstart Add-On Service. Simply contact us with your requirements and we’ll get you migrated in no time.

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