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How It Works

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Get Started

Sign up for the service plan fitting your individual needs and upload all of your tax exempt certificates into EXEMPTAX.

Digitize your legacy paper copies and free up your filing cabinets.


Set Up Your Profile

Setup your Nexus states and create your individual validation profile.

Use EXEMPTAX preset validation rules or customize your own – You are in full control.


Sync Your Customer Records

Utilize EXEMPTAX seamless integration into one of our supported platforms and automatically sync your customer base.

No integration? No problem! Alternatively upload your customers via convenient drag and drop into EXEMPTAX.



Process your exemption forms with the peace of mind of knowing that every form is validated correctly.

Provide visibility and accountability of your team. Know the detailed status of each form and when individual certificates are about to expire.


Become Audit Ready

When it’s time for your periodic audit, simply compile and disseminate audit documents using the EXEMPTAX Report Builder.

Streamline the audit process and reduce closing times.




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