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The Trigger

In the past, the following question was raised over and over again:

“Is there a solution which provides turn-key tax exemption certificate management inclusive of validation rules at an affordable cost?”

The simple answer has always been:  No, there isn’t one.

So, we sat together and started to draft a master plan on how to make the world of tax exemption certificates a better place.

The goal was to offer a product around data centric solutions.

We founded DACENSO®

Fun Fact:

Also derived from Asenso – progress in Tagalog



Tom Weiss
Fun Fact:

Active Divemaster and scuba nut

Tom Weiss

Founder & CEO

John Serdar
Fun Fact:

Snowboarder fanatic

John Serdar

Co-Founder & CFO

Zach Slavis
Fun Fact:

Seasoned private pilot

Zach Slavis

Co-Founder & CTO

The Platform

Since millions of businesses are facing the same challenges, our offering had to be built on a robust platform with a balanced approach between usability and leverage.

It was important to us to develop a turn-key product and we decided to utilize EXEMPTAX for this endeavor.

Then, things changed on June 21, 2018

In the meantime, while we got busy working with EXEMPTAX, the US Supreme Court finally decided to spice things up by overturning old physical presence standards (aka Quill).

On that sunny day in June 2018, taxation rules across the US just got a whole lot more complex through the establishment of substantial nexus (aka Economic Nexus).

Inject Scalability

Now with Economic Nexus in the mix, things got whole lot more interesting. We had to ensure that EXEMPTAX can be scaled to support businesses with Nexus across all jurisdictions in the US.

Our secret ingredients to provide a broad and scalable tax exemption product was simple:

Keep cost affordable
Keep complexity low
Keep terms flexible

Final Touches

Affordable service, flexible subscription models and no commitment were all fundamental to bring EXEMPTAX to market.

We went one step further and decided to include preset validation rules ready for primetime and a host of add-on services and integrations to make life easier.

The Result

EXEMPTAX is the first subscription-based tax exemption certificate management platform suitable for small-size businesses to enterprise-grade organizations in the US.

We are also the first service provider offering a free plan without commitment and no credit card required.